1. What is lumtice?

    Lumtice is a classified marketplace for listing items and services, connecting buyers with sellers to exchange goods and services. Read more.

  2. What are the membership plan available?

    Please refer  to our membership plan Read more.

  3. How do I cancel my membership subscription?

    If you no longer wish to continue with a subscription plan you may cancel your membership plan at the edit profile page Read more.

  4. Do you refund membership subscription fee

    No we do not refund membership fee Read more.

  5. How do I promote my ad on Lumtice?

    We offer promotional services as featured ads and top ads as well as newsletter  subscription. Please refer to our promotion page for details. Read more.

  6. Do you refund top ads and featured ads?

    No we don’t . Read more.

  7. How do I pay for an item on Lumtice?

    Interesting buyers are able to pay for  an order using credit/debit cards as well as bitcoin  in preferred currency through payza and voguepay payment processing service. Read more.

  8. How do I buy digital item on lumtice?

    Simply place an order and pay. A download link will be sent  to your email. Read more.

  9. I did not receive my order who do I contact?

    If your order is not proceed within 3 days of purchase first contact the seller for possible resolution. Contact Lumtice support team only if you were not able to resolve issue with seller within 5 days of purchase. Read more.

  10. Where do I find the seller’s contact information?

    Usually, the sellers phone number will be shown on the item page, you also have an option to send message to the seller. You may visit the sellers profile to view full contact details. Read more.

  11. When should I request a refund?

    Refer to our refund policy. Read more.

  12. What can I sell on Lumtice?

    You can sell everything within the provided categories which excludes Adult  Items and pharmaceuticals . Read more.

  13. How do I receive payment on Item I sell?

    1.    Payment are sent directly to the  sellers payza account on payza.com via split payment  on order place in currency other than Nigerian Naira(NGN). However, Payza.com may put the fund on hold for few days before it is released for withdrawal.2.    Orders received in  Nigerian Naira (NGN) are processed via Voguepay payment  processor  at… Read more.

  14. I did not see a buy now button on my ad page?

    Instant payment are only active on shippable item, digital or  downloadable and crytocurrency  excluding cars and other vehicle. Read more.

  15. How do I sell digital downloads?

    Sellers are able to sell downloadable directly  from  their dropbox account. Once an order is placed a download link is  sent to the buyer’s email address. Read more.

  16. How do I sell shippable item?

    1. Just list the item you wish to sell2. Sellers are able to include  shipping  fee. marketplace commission are not charged on shipping fee3. Seller must ship item to the buyer within  3 days  from the time the order was received. Whether or not the seller is yet to gain access to the money charged for the order. Read more.

  17. How do I sell properties, job, and other services?

    We provide listing services for properties, jobs,  Vehicles and services. As such, buyers will need to contact sellers directly to conclude transaction. Read more.

  18. What do you charge as commission

    Please refer to membership plan for details.Note: The marketplace fee has a minimum of 1 USD,GBP,EUR,AUD,CAD,NGN,HKD,NZD,ZAR,BTC,SGD,MYR,CHF,BRL,BGN and NGN100. Should the commission  fall lower than  the above listed amount the minimum will be charged.Commission are charged to sellers only  in accordance with their membership plan Read more.

  19. What is the minimum required for payout

    Sellers while pricing their item should consider the following.1. Item should at least have a reasonable price2. A minimum  of 1 USD,GBP,EUR,AUD,CAD,NGN,HKD,NZD,ZAR,BTC,SGD,MYR,CHF,BRL,BGN  and 100NGN after deducting the marketplace fee is required to receive a payment. Anything less than  this  will not be processed Read more.