Who We are

Lumtice.com is an internet marketplace that connects buyers  with sellers and service providers to buy, sell and exchange goods and services.

Why Choose US

Everyone engaged in business does so  to satisfy  and exceed the expectations of their customers and also   maximize profit by proving quality products and excellent service. Granted that, you are actually applying  the basic principles  of business which includes but not limited to the offering  of quality product, excellent services, competitive  prices, cost efficient production system, proper financial management, effective customer orientation and stakeholders satisfaction in your business organization. Your next logical consideration would be  the promotion  of your product and the expansion and  extension  of your customer base to enhance your profitability and ensure the sustainability of  business.
It is admitted that in the 21th century which is largely accepted as the “computer Age”, the internet is  a basic business tool for promotion , distribution and advertisement of products and services. In choosing an internet business promotional, distribution and advertising space, it is highly recommended without any fear of contradiction that you choose LUMTICE which is a viable e-commerce marketplace option that is strategically developed to suit the peculiar needs of  buyers and sellers such as the mutuality of interest. Lumtice  would ensure the availability  of a wide range of product and services, its affordability and reliability as well as  it durability .
At Lumtice we  are more interested in the satisfaction of our customers and the expansion of  their profit margin that is why we offer affordable, promotional  ad advertisements and low commission on product sales and services offering on our e-commerce platform.

Our Approach

Lumtice utilizes its integrated internet promotion system (IIPS) to replicate your customer base across the globe because  we  believe that every business deserve a global attention . Lumtice promises  to take your business to the next level by promoting your cost volume profit (CVP). That is to say that the profit    you  will make  for  selling your product or offering your service  will be  exponentially higher within a short period of time because  you will sell more Lumtice.
Lumtice combines  the integrated internet promotional system (IIPS) with its networking  capabilities to expand the  frontiers of our sellers customer base, profitability and productivity. As a viable e-commerce marketplace your product and services  would  be given global attention which has  the capacity to increase your sales at  a competitive rate.

Our vision

To establish as the largest internet marketplace for buy and selling of products and services, auction sales and cryptocurrency market.

Our Mission

1.    To promotes sales of products and services
2.    To connect buyers and Sellers on the same platform
3.    To promotes the seller’s customer base
4.    To reduces operational cost  for the seller
5.    To gives your product and services a positive global attention .
6.    To increases your  profit exponentially
7.    To offer   professional business advise on achieving  business growth  and development


Lumtice.com was officially  launched as an internet marketplace on 6th of January  2018 in Abuja, Nigeria.llumtice.com is a product of Lumtice & Lum International Ltd, a company registered under the federal Republic of Nigeria since 2013 to operate as a limited liability company. Lumtice & Lum International Ltd focuses on internet technology and software development.